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What Next?

What expectations have you set? What are you trying to hold onto with those expectations? Are you trying to preserve the past, to bring back something that simply cannot be, or are you trying to hold on to a vision of the future that is probably unobtainable, and setting you up for disappointment?

One of the things that must be dealt with is this question of expectations vs acceptance of what is. In conversation (with my self) and indeed with many others I often find that it is either the holding on to what was, or attempting to define a future that cannot be controlled that is the cause of the greatest amount of angst.

However, when it is possible to sit with what is, and accept the present for what it is and to be wholly present NOW without worrying about what was or what is next, it just flows and there seems to be simple happiness, and no anxiety.

I could get all philosophical and talk about the buddhist concepts of grasping and letting go and walking the middle path, but I sometimes like song lyrics to explain it all, so to use some of the (selective) words from a couple of the legendary Van Morrison songs:

when everything falls into place like the flick of switch,
when everyone is upfront and they're not playing tricks,
when it's nobodys business the way that you want to live,
when you ring out the changes of how everything is,
when you don't need an answer there'll be days like this,

There's only here, there's only now!

Can you accept NOW, if not what's NEXT?

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