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Pick Me Up

Not everything goes to plan, and sometimes you simply cannot tell what challenges are around the corner, or how some people will react to certain things... so this has been the thinking topic for a day or so!

Samuel Morris is back in hospital...... So the time spent with him bedside creates plenty of space to think and reflect.

We know that many families dealing with tragedy, or significant challenges can be faced with the issue of depression. Sometimes things just wear you down and you simple can't be bothered.

However this post from Zen Habits provides some practical hints for helping to pick yourself up.... just remember...I think that number 7 is probably the most important one... although you do need to make sure that you talk about it to someone who will understand, and has the skills to help you, and remember anyone can call themselves a "counsellor" so make sure if you are going to use a service they have some good training.

There is also some other good lists, tips and hints at the site..........

Take Care...It can be a jungle out there!

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