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Courage - an unfolding story

The Samuel Morris Foundation knows only too well that near drowning accidents are far too frequent. In fact for every child that dies as a result of drowning there are three to four children admitted to hospital following near drownings and one fifth of these children will be left with a hypoxic brain injury that leaves them with disabilities for life.

Sadly young Joshua is one of those who is currently in hospital following a near drowning on 2 February this year. His family is displaying a great deal of courage as they deal with the uncertain consequences of Joshua's accident.

Joshua's mum, Wendy, is documenting Joshua's and their families experience through their blog which you can access here or via the links on the right of our page.

Many of the experiences that Wendy is documenting are so similar to the experience that Samuel went through, and other families also experience during this journey.

The Foundation admires the courage that Wendy and her family are showing during Joshua's journey, and we thank them for their willingness to share their story, and thank them for their permission to share links to their story.

Photo by Peasap

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