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Would YOU?

Would you let 35 children under the age of five drown every year, would you let another 28 children be left disabled and another 120 children be admitted to hospital ........ from a cause that can be readily stopped?

I'm pretty sure your answer would be NO, you wouldn't allow this to happen if it was in your power to stop it!

Thankfully it IS in your power to help stop it.... firstly is personal action at your household level... use this checksheet to make sure your pool area is safe, always keep your kids under direct supervision in, on, or around water sources, learn CPR and teach your kids good water skills.

Then at your local and state level.... for those of us in NSW and Queensland we currently have the best opportunity in almost the last 20 years to make changes to the Laws and Regulations that CAN and WILL make a big difference to the numbers listed above!

Both the New South Wales and Queensland Governments are reviewing their Swimming Pools Acts and are calling on public submissions to inform the legislative process.

The New South Wales review papers can be found here, and the Queensland paper here.

There has been some vocal opposition to some proposed changes in both states, with some pool owners resistant to potential cost and some local governments opposed to "additional work" . I guess you have to ask what cost a child's life, what additional work for parents (and the health system) for raising a disabled child?

Choice has demonstrated that pool fencing materials are also a major cause for concern, with a large number of fencing materials failing to meet the Australian Standard.

The Samuel Morris Foundation has made preliminary submissions to both Governments and is in the process of drafting its final submissions.

What do you think? What changes would you make to improve the safety of home swimming pools and prevent toddler drowning and near drowning incidents? We want to hear your thoughts!

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Anonymous said...

in adelaide i believe that its not compulsory to even have a pool fence, unless you are selling the home. Having a pool fence is definately a good start. My kids are 5 years old, and excellent swimmers, however all of their cousins and friends do not know how to swim and are afraid of water. If we didnt have a fence, it would be very easy for one of them to drown, it only takes seconds for them to disappear out of sight.

michael morris said...

Thanks, This highlights the importance of people in other states also lobbying their governments to take an active interest in making changes to stop toddler drownings.

Anonymous said...

1. all exemptions should be removed.
2. any manufacturer (or installer for that matter) of pool fencing components such as gate locks etc should be excluded from a state register of approved products/installers of pool fencing.
3. CPR training (provided by an RTO) for the pool owner/property occupant should be mandatory and updated yearly if a child/children reside in the property.